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The 2015 Ford F-150 is Set to Carry On this Pickup's Legacy

At Jim Tidwell Ford the 2014 Ford F-150 is king of the lot. This iconic pickup truck has a long history of being well-stocked at our Kennesaw, GA location, and it's simply because people have a strong connection to this reputable truck.

A lot has changed since the Ford F-150 was introduced to the public in 1975, and for the 2015 model year the F-150 is receiving a new body composition. Instead of being made of steel engineers have developed a body that utilizes ample amounts of military grade aluminum. It helped the truck lose weight while also allowing…

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William Clay Ford Sr., Retired Vice Chairman of Ford Motor Company, Passes Away

We're all familiar with company founder Henry Ford's innovative mind, dedication, and sound logic that went into building the Ford Motor Company name. Equally amazing are the individuals who kept the Ford name strong and put their full belief in helping it evolve into a global competitor. One of those respected individuals was Henry Ford's grandsons, William Clay Ford Sr. who recently passed away on March 9.

Ford was 88 when he…

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2015 Ford Mustang Quenches Your Thirst for Speed

When we think of fast, gorgeous, powerful, just-plain-fun cars, we here at Jim Tidwell Ford think of the Ford Mustang. There's no doubt that it's an American staple for muscle car enthusiasts, known across the country as something to be desired. But, like all great things, there's always something greater on the horizon. It's the 2015 Mustang, coming this fall.

While we won't be able to drive it for a…

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4 Coffee Mugs Go Against a Ford F-150

At Jim Tidwell Ford we know we sell great vehicles and strong trucks. Which is why we wanted to get you to before you saw this clip from the National Geographic Channel.

Despite the Ford F-150 being a beast of a pickup truck, it appears that its weight and strength were no match against 4 coffee mugs.

Apparently, there has been a myth that you could balance an F-150 on 4 mugs and they won't break. We were a little skeptical, but live TV proved us wrong. The F-150 didn't even phase those cups and even when 9…

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Ford Edge Recalled for Fuel Line Issues

The lineup of new Ford models here at Jim Tidwell Ford is practically overflowing with style and reliability, offering comfort and features that will get you through the day, every day. However, the occasional accident comes up that requires a recall from the automaker, with the hopes of making your lives easier and worry-free. Unfortunately, that's what we're here to talk about today.

The vehicle in question is the Ford Edge, with model…

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Reflecting Well on the Company: the Ford Light Lab

When you drive a new Ford vehicle from us here at Jim Tidwell Ford, whether it's just a little joy ride for a hands-on experience or you're heading to work after owning something special for years and year, you'll notice that internal glare is non-existent. How, you may be wondering, does the automaker allow for metallic surfaces and yet the sun never reflects into your eyes?

Well, you can thank the engineers…

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Americans Love Their Ford F-Series: U.S. Map of Top Selling Vehicles Shows Ford Captures 70 Percent

When we say more people rely on F-Series trucks more than any other brand, it isn't just an empty statement; as a matter of fact, the truth is evident with a color coded map of the United States.

Let's back it up just a bit. Business Insider expressed interest in the automotive buying habits of Americans and turned to Kelley Blue Book for answers. After gathering information from January through August of this…

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